Lag With Big Complex Creation

Is it possible to mode something in besiege which will count as one block to act as frames for Large crafts boats cars or even wings for large planes,this would lower the block count on larger creation
The block should be customisable so that different forms could be obtained from it for example(we could cut out windows in the block and new hitboxes and space could be added within it)
After that it would also be nice to be able divide the block into segments each counting as a new block for realistic purposes ie(the turret of a tank popping off as a whole from its main chasie , a place wing breaking in half when crashing etc....)
I hope i was able to convey my idea

ps inglis iz nat me fist speach...


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I've already noticed a lot less lag on high-block creations, I can run a 105-block supercar with essentially no lag, but before it would be running at ~10 fps.