Known Issues With Fixes


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To help us fix bugs as quickly as possible please provide as much information as you can about the bug and the steps that led up to it.

Please include the following:

Operating System
System Specs
Game Version
Steps to reproduce bug or what you were doing when the bug occurred
Please attach your output_log.txt to your support post.


Note: If you are experiencing issues playing the game then please make sure that you do not have any mods or modloaders installed before reporting the issue. If you are experiencing an issue with a mod then you will need to request support in that mod's forum thread.

List of Known Issues & Potential Fixes

Bug: Black Screen When Game is Launched
Desc: When game is launched screen goes black but you can still hear the music playing in the background

Fix: Try setting your screen resolution manually in the games config.txt file. This is located in the Besiege_Data folder in the Main Besiege Directory.

Fix: Update all your drivers to latest versions, also if you are running windows 8 you will need to run the game in full-screen mode.

Game won't launch
Desc: When trying to launch the game, it immediately closes without an error.

(Windows)Fix: Make sure you have Microsoft's DirectX & Net-Framework Installed. Updating drivers and windows can't hurt either!


Fix: Verify the game's cache or re-install the game.

Steam Workshop machines won't download!
Desc: Steam Workshop machines won't show up in game or Steam won't download subscribed workshop items.

Fix: Steam Workshop machines are displayed under a different section to normal saved machines. To load a workshop item click the load icon and then click the small Steam icon to the right of the textbox toward to top of the menu.

Fix: Pressing refresh several times can cause the machines to pop up.

Fix: Some workshop uploads become corrupted, subscribing to a corrupted workshop item will prevent any workshop items from downloading.
You should unsubscribe to all workshop items and then add them back one by one until you find the one that is corrupted.

Can't Load a Machine!
Desc: When attempting to load a machine it either doesn't load or the startblock rotates at an odd angle or disappears altogether.

Fix: Machine save files can become corrupted, loading a machine that is corrupted will prevent the loading of any machine until the game is restarted.
Saves can become corrupted by the following:
- Setting unusual hotkeys to blocks (Backspace for example)
- Other unknown causes

Bug: Everything is Purple Boxes!
Desc: The game is full of purple and white boxes, there are no textures or models.

Fix: This is usually caused by failure to extract the .rar properly. Many people have solved this by running winrar(or other zip program) in admin mode, while extracting. Be sure not to close the program before its finished and that you extract all the contents of the .rar