Kestrel Mech. mk.I and mk.I-A flying biped!

Nice work. What's funny though is that I still consider the Kestrel a light class mech on the scale of my machines lol. Maybe medium.
I am glad you think so ....I have been meaning to go back and upgrade it a bit to make it more stable and get the keybinds set up to something a little more manageable but haven't got around to it yet. Thanks for the compliments
btw ...try out my newer chicken-mech the Fuller aka "crazy legs" ....its tiny for me but I feel it works much better than the Kestrel. SPOILER-(might get airborne as well in the near future ;) )
wow another transformer fan, that's cool. i dont know how to download this by the way it just says text document with a bunch of numbers, but from the looks of it still, great job