Kestrel Mech. mk.I and mk.I-A flying biped!

Ya I know...its tricky. If you get the timescale set to your machine and then get the timing right it will walk fairly decent. I still fall over all the time but as long as there is a couple grabbers attached i can usually get back on my feet unless it faceplants. Its the damn steering blocks....they seem to mount to other blocks using some sort of floppy latex sex toy. They have no rigidity at all. Not only that but they dont mount flush to other blocks when i have to double them up (which i always do cause they aren't strong enough to hold something up at an angle) they leave a tiny gap which has to be braced can see it at the back of the ankle. Honestly , as you can probably tell by this rant reply , they are one of my biggest pet peeves in this game. Why do they also have to be so damn useful?
thanks. I have heard lots of people compare it to Metal Gear Rex ...which I can kinda see even though Rex used a digitigrade leg style and not a reverse joint. Strangely , in the comments on Draegast's youtube channel , some people compare it to mechs that it has little to no resemblance to at all . Like Titans and Jaegers .....I guess its a biped robot and that is close enough for some people.
It was...though somewhat half assed in the attempt. Its silly to operate to begin with but actually learning the controls or using the mods could have made it better
Lol, just watched it! you should've left clearer instructions for him!
The good news is: the people are laughing of him, not the machine. Your reputation is still okay :p
Haha ...didn't know I had a reputation ;) . The instructions are there but I do get a little longwinded and involved when posting a machine lol...some folks dont want to read a novel
I also remembered the "moose" from chappie, 'cause the kestrel looks like it, and it also has a flying mechnism (not as advanced and compact. but still).
And yes, you have a reputation you are "The Mech Master"
acctually I just made-up that name, but I think it suits you well!
adult joke or something that i shouldn't be reading?
are you saying s**y stuff? in besiege language/code?

Edit:starting to kinda get it...
well you're dead though so no point of edit
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