Kestrel Mech. mk.I and mk.I-A flying biped!


This design is based off of the reverse joint leg system made popular by such iconic metal death machines as ED-209 from RoboCop or the Timberwolf/Madcat from Mechwarrior. I have a couple more mechs under construction that utilize this leg system but this one is the first that I had breakthrough progress with. Still has a few kinks to work out but I was very pleased with how the torque steering affects it. The legs have a lot of steering blocks in them and due to the way that they dont seem to firmly attach and instead just sorta float there.... this creates a lot of leg twist.

Normally this would be bad but with torque steering as a means of turning and keeping proper leg orientation this actually works to my benefit. The feet twist into the desired direction before securing to the ground and the other leg follows suit. Surprisingly lifelike at times. The downside to this leg design is that it becomes very difficult to passively balance the center torso's weight as it has to be translated along multiple angles and through 4 or 5 joints before actually making contact with the ground. So far I only have a manually controlled system in place which tilts the center of mass back or forwards.
All of this makes the Kestrel have a very steep learning curve but wicked potential.

Now let's fully embrace impracticality and the general bird theme of the mech with the Kestrel mk.I - A... featuring the "Accipiter "

" In the early years of the fictional intergalactic conflict , that I am enthusiastically imagining as I type this , it quickly became apparent to the aggressors that the defenders of Ipsilon and Tolbrynd had two major advantages besides their sheer number. Firstly the defenders possessed a frightening weapon know as ...the arrow. A crudely sharpened piece of metal fastened to a relatively straight ...stick. The second was their planets completely weird gravity which prevented any large structures, such as mechbays or starports, from being built. In fact the planet was so friggin strange that ,upon entering the atmosphere any dropship large enough to field a battlemech was rendered useless as the mysterious forces of the planet seemed to slow time itself. Many pilots reported seeing their FPS gauges drop well below 10 before they inevitably perished.
Then , the completely made-up aggressors awarded a military contract to a research and development company to solve this problem. That company was Prevenge Interstellar Engineering .....PIE. They were part of the Cosmic Alliance for Killing Enemies. CAKE. I could go on with the acronyms ,but I digress.
The Accipiter system was originally designed as a discard-able, controlled descent glider with minimal control given to the mech pilot. A glorified parachute intended to drop light omnimechs, such as the Kestrel , near enemy lines to scout before the commanders committed to sending in the more expensive heavy battlemech frames like Roughshods , Oppressors or Blackjacks. This quickly evolved into a fully flight capable frame module with reasonable maneuverability , short distance landing and VTOL the whole flight frame can be jettisoned if the mech pilot decides to commit to ground operations. Brazen pilots have been known to jettison the flight frame just above enemy soldiers and splash down in the midst of them crushing anyone underfoot."

I run the mk.I at 60-80% timescale and the mk.I-A has to be run at 30-45% .This machine requires invincibility as do all of my machines. Nothing new....Blame weird physics and optimization. If it weren't for that factor the pads on the feet could be removed to make the machine fit in the box.....dunno how that happened. All of my bipeds are hard to control ....I build them so i spend hours testing them and I can walk around in this one fairly well compared to my other ones but it is articulated walking so dont give up right away. Practice and it will become much funner to use. Speaking of fun.....MODS! [edit] I completely forgot to mention that you also need NoBounds to set the speed of the torque steering wheels to 5. I use Bobd132's multimod so I get unlimited cannon and rocket functionality (can use rocket on the Accipiter system but not needed). Exploding cannonball mod is pretty much mandatory cause this mech only has a nose mounted turret with one cannon. More cameras mod is great for setting up a turret gun-cam.

Walk : left and right arrow
Lean forward/back : up and down arrow
Steering : left ctrl and left alt while walking. (baby steps to turn on a dime)
Turret aim : [numpad] 8,2,4,6
Cannon : C

Rotor pitch: T -forward G-backward
Left rotor(roll): R for faster F for slower
Right rotor(roll): Y for faster H for slower
[^ use R and Y to ascend. F and H to descend]
Yaw: uses the mechs steering- leftctrl and leftalt
Optional rocket: U

Jettison Accipiter: J
I find these controls kind of awkward myself so be sure to set them up as you see fit.
NOT an easy machine to control but I hope you like it.

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dannyboy9745 ....Ya and honestly I was expecting that to happen. I mean ....part of what I like about his besiege vids are him trying to fumble through a machine he has never used....unless it is mine haha jk. Its funny watching him fuck up and it adds comedic relief.....which is basically what his vids are...thats what makes it entertaining I guess. My mechs have never been easy to control either and they basically require mods... It was hard enough to make the thing walk as is so I aint gonna cram 8 tons of guns on top of it when I can just run two mods and have scorched earth.
Thank you! ..... and a mk.II is a good possibility. I always tinker with machines cause they could always be better. It's kinda like my sketchbook ....I find myself working on old drawings that I did years ago. It is...not ...quite ...perfect....yet......!!