what tank should i make next?

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It has been requested many time that i make a Hetzer tank destroy unfortunately due to the nature of how it suspension works I cannot model it along with the added difficulty of its profile so i decided to build the next best thing. Using the suspension of my previous tiger i extended it by the appropriate amount and created the Jadgpanther tank destroyer. This infamous tank destroy came loaded with an 8.8 cm pak43 anti tank gun the same gun was later put on the tiger 2. the tank weighed 45.5 tons, had a very good power to weight ratio, and a gun traverse arc of 10 degrees both left and right, the gun could elevate 12 degrees and depress 7 degrees this is modeled on this tank. I have incorporated a drivers view, gunners view, commanders view, and even an internal View.

TD front.jpg

TD rear.jpg

Realistic suspension:
td suspension 2.jpg

And the internal view:
TD gun breach.jpg

another accurately modeled tank, gun breach, and all :
machine here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765404490

-R/F= left track
-Y/H= right track
-T= unpin tank

- Arrow keys left and right = gun traverse
- Arrow keys up and down = gun elevation/depression

- 1 = Drivers view
- 2 = Commanders view
- 3 = Gunners view
- 4 = Internal view (Loaders view)
- 5 = Rear chase cam
- 6 = Left + right suspension