ITR`s PBP2 download problem

whenever I click the download file, it just brings me to a white site and nothing happens,
is there any problems why the file can't be downloaded???


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I think the forum is slightly broken right now, so I would assume no downloads currently work.


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PBP2 only allows for scaling when you place a block.
You could do some trickery with Building Tools to make it do already placed blocks though.

To do it, just drag the "Scale" thingy from the "modify ui" thingy, uncheck "modify ui", check "scale" or whatever it's called, and type numbers into the 3 fields
Lol yeah that problem is my fault. ITR you hit it right on the head.I placed the two balast and *part who's name I cannot remember ('Part' )* then I used TGYD's building tools (from now on referred to as 'BT') to slect the two Part and turned on scaling with the length being set to (i believe) 8, then deselected the two Part, then turned off scaling, selected the two Part and balast and moved them to where I wanted it with BT.

Ta da, long, light, cannon barrel.
On anther note: forums (on mobile at least) is broken for me, it works but it seems a little glitched, ill post these in the proper place as well. I will also post pics when imgur is no longer full...