It`s impossible to zoom on some laptops

On laptops without a scroll wheel, it's impossible to zoom, which makes constructing things really frustrating. The only alternative is to use the 'w' and 's' keys to move the camera, but that causes rotating the camera to not work right. Can you add a way to zoom that doesn't use the scroll wheel?
I have a trackpad, which doesn't have a scroll wheel, and I can do a two figured scroll just fine... What method would you normally scroll on webpages and such?


Staff member
Arrow keys maybe?
I use a trackpoint ( so I press the middle mouse button and move the trackpoint to scroll. Unfortunately, in Besiege that doesn't work (I'm not sure why). I have a trackpad too, but it's broken from when I spilled water on it :(. Even if the trackpad worked, it would be convenient to have a way to scroll that doesn't require moving my hand off the keyboard.

Perhaps holding shift and the right mouse button at the same time, while moving the mouse, should allow zooming?
I'm on a Digital Storm laptop with a synaptics trackpad and I can't zoom in the game either. Zoom normally works with a two finger swipe, a swipe along the edge of the tackpad, or a swipe from the corner that becomes a spiral, but the game recognizes none of these. Otherwise, totally love this game. Even if they could just change it so the zoom function could be mapped to "PgUp" and "PgDn", I'd be totally happy.