It is done, the Archangel is complete

you can chek the other archangel thread, thats the already flyable prototype.

this is the finished version, enjoy!

it has 3k parts, it has an empty cargo/weapon hatch, hence its highly customizable (btw thats ur job community! i want to see what u can do with it! suggestions: guided missiles,tank-drop, catapult,balista etc..)

mind that you need a very powerful pc to run this, even in build mode i have 3 fps . while playing i get around 20.

my sytem: intel i7 980x @3.33 ghz , gtx 680 classified and 12 gb of corsair ddr3 2k mhz ram

here are some pics and the bsg.

captains view ;)

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o_O it crashes my game when I try to load it


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Ah, it had just stopped responding. It finished loading, but it's too big for my computer to handle without multi-core support XD
Works for me at about 5% almost without lagging. But I've got some questions. Should it be running without Invictible mode (tears apart without it)? Also could you write controls here?
yes invincibility is a must , the controlls are the numpad and the arrow keys just cekc the key mapper to be certain also because of the update you need to change the joints in the chaos engines because they take less space now
Jetcutter said:
I'll give it a try.
krowanek is correct She loads and self destructs.

hm something is amiss with the new patch. i was able to fly this ship before but now it´s the same for me, it rips itself apart somehow. first i removed all propellors but it still twitched and imploded. something needs to be changed but i would rather work on this ship after the new patch since building with 2 fps is quite tiresome.