Isn`t it about time this forum actually helped people find mods that work?

I've refrained from commenting on this previously, as obviously the developers don't have a great deal of time (and aren't supposed to be giving active support for mods anyway), and because mods are made by volunteers - who clearly can't be expected to watch the forum 24 hours a day, or make immediate updates with every patch. Nevertheless, there is an obvious problem, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it, to the detriment of the game. At the top of the modding subforum there is a link to the Master List of Mods & Projects thread (, which clearly and unambiguously states that the mods listed are compatible with V0.20, while a great many of them (probably the majority) aren't. I don't know why the decision was made to include such a misleading statement, but it is clearly wasting a great deal of time for people who download mods, expecting them to work, and for people having to explain that they don't, when the downloader goes on to post here asking for help. This is, to my mind, a poor way to treat fellow Besiegers, and more or less guaranteed to have a negative effect on future sales, as anyone looking at the forum is likely to notice just how much of it is taken up with posts on failed attempts to get mods working. What clearly needs to be done is firstly, removing the misleading statement that mods currently work from the master list, and then the compilation of a list of mods which actually do work in V.02. I'm willing to do my bit, by checking through the list to see what works - but I'm not going to do so unless I see some evidence that this problem is being taken seriously. Besiege has a great deal of potential, and it would be a shame to see it go to waste - which to my mind it is likely to do if this slapdash approach to customer relations continues. The games market is volatile, and often prone to rejecting promising products for reasons which might seem of relatively minor long-term consequence - and having repeated posts on multiple forume (i.e. Reddit, Steam as well as here) regarding problems with mods is just the sort of thing that can result in a game failing. I'm not asking anyone to fix the mods, I'm simply asking that the developers ensure that customers aren't misled - which to my mind should be a simple enough request to comply with.


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Wall of text >.>
You will have a higher chance of people reading through it if you divide it into paragraphs :p

I've seen some people write on the threads of the mods themselves which mods work, but I'm guessing you mean the administrators of the forum when you write "this forum"?

As for why it says that they work for V.02, I would guess it's because normally mods work in the new version without any updating needed.

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i tapped out about half way through that rant, but i do notice switching to unity 5 metaphorically slit the throat of the modding community for this game. I play it about 100% less now that barely any mods work, and no one is really updating them.
Please understand that most modders including me do this in our spare time, around other things such as work, school and other things. Please be patient.
I am aware that modders do it in their spare time - I'm not complaining that the mods haven't been updated, I'm complaining that the master list claims that mods work when they don't. The problem is with the misleading list, not the mods themselves.


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So unfortunately, as you correctly predicted, I haven't had the time to keep track of mod versions and whether or not they are up to date.
From past experience I expected most mods to update quickly which is why I updated all of the tags to V0.2, however this hasn't happened.

I actually do have some time on my hands this week so I shall begin the mammoth task of testing each mod and updating the list.

I do apologize for the confusion and I shall try to keep on top of this in the future.
Used this:

And after some hard work came up with this list of working mods:

Copy Paste Settings Mod
Custom Rotation Amount
Editor +
Mirror Mod
No Bounds Mod
Precision Building Project 2

Adjustable Water Cannons
Better Grip Pads
Better Torches
Block Functions +
Block-Spawner Block Mod
Constant-velocity Joint Mod
More Blocks Mod
Poultryizer Block Mod
Remote Bomb & Modify Explosion Mod

AntiGravity Mod
Doomsday Mod
Exploding Enemies Challenge
Invasion Mod
Multiplayer Mod
No Floor Mod
Winter Mod

Multi Key Bindings Mod
PostPlace Mod
Recently Used Blocks Tab
State Viewer Mod
Velocity Counter Mod

Cloud and Texture Mod
HD Screenshot Mod
Keep Camera Rotation Mod
Orthographics Mod

Automation Mod

Explode On Click Mode
Grenade On Click Mode

Flying Block Fix
FPS Fix for 0.2

The list may not be 100% accurate, but it's a good start.

I will share this tool soon, just need to add some more functionality.

And AJW, chill out! The jungle of mods has been noticed and people are working on it. I myself am fairly determined to make it better.

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I think this problem wouldn't be such a big one if mods were open-source. And as long most of the mods have direct download links and modders have 0 profit from their mods it's not a big deal. By the way it's a right of every modder to share or not share his code. But the way thing are now, besiege modding will die completely. Some mods (a very great mods, like phantom aerospace and tank tracks) are not updated for 2 month's already and the only explanation is that they just are not interested in besiege anymore and there's a very little chance these mods are ever getting updated.


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Just wanted to let you guys know that the master list is now 99.9% accurate.

Edit: Depending on how much spare time I've got this week I'll try and create a system to show versions on the html pages as well.