Is there a reason the old sandbox was nixed?

Discussion in 'Besiege: General Discussion' started by Ross, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Ross

    Ross Member

    The new sandbox is great, but the old sandbox offered a unique ambiance and set of challenges, too. I don't see a reason not to have both. It would be nice to have the original sandbox, or perhaps another Ipsilon-styled sandbox, so the player has the option to experiment in a bright and sunny environment, in addition to the night-time Tolbrynd-styled sandbox.


    The old sandbox has been built and uploaded in the steam workshop if you really miss it XD
  3. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    Yeah,the dreaded atmosphere of the tolbrynd sandbox makes me burn out of this game 10X faster than i expected
  4. Ross

    Ross Member

    It's not quite the same. There are a ton of little differences, and a few major ones. The castle can't be destroyed with OP weapons other than bombs, the wind obstacles and gravity pads seem a lot stronger, which significantly changes some of the challenges I liked to do. Plus, I just liked coming up with tricks and challenges using authentic, original sandbox from the developers, rather than a close-but-not-quite replica. And I liked the convenience of not having to mess with Multiverse to get it.

    Finally - this is perhaps the important point - I see no advantage whatsoever in taking away something that the developers already went to the trouble to design.

    Tolbrynd has a distinctive appeal and adds variety, IMO, but I still prefer the Ipsilon look as well. Based on the developers deleting the old sandbox, and automatically putting Tolbrynd textures
    that you can't delete on the hills and basic shapes, I get the impression that they're trying to distance themselves from the simplistic style of the original game. I think this is quite a mistake! The minimalist style, while simple, has a distinctive charm to it. Plus, it's what the whole game looked like when it got so popular in the first place.
  5. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    I don't mean that Tolbrynd is bad,exactly the other way!,it amazing!,the game needed it!,but it isn't for me(and probably many other players).
    just looking at the old sandbox's sun made me feel a bit better,no joke,i used to imagine myself there lying on the (Warm?)ground in the village(minus the sentient machine of death trying to kill everyone).

    Drama-less explanation/TLDR:Tolbynd too sad and dark(but thats the point),ipsilon happy and well lit.
  6. Von

    Von Administrator Staff Member

    If memory serves, there were a number of technical bugs with the level and we weren't very happy with the aesthetic of the level either. Truth be told the original sandbox was rather hastily thrown together pre-launch and wasn't intended for longevity.
  7. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    When you relies the devs weren't even trying when they made your favorite level.
    well then:can we have a new sandbox with a bright shining sun \('v')/
  8. Ross

    Ross Member

    I was thinking about this again, and I had an idea. If they don't want the old sandbox in the official game, how about adding it to the EXAMPLE LEVELS folder in Multiverse? That way, at least it's not completely gone.
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  9. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    Agreeing completely here,because then people whouldn't need internet connection to play in the old sandbox
  10. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    but that means they have to add the missing objects like grav pad, boulder, and oil bucket first
  11. Displayter.

    Displayter. Member

    The besiege community could really use those anyway,you don't know what they can do,they are unpredictable.
    EDIT:like the guy that liked my post,i didn't see that coming
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