Invasion Mod [Spaar`s Modloader][Besiege v0.35]


Please Note: This is for Besiege version 0.35 it will probably not work on later versions of Besiege!

Have you ever just wanted to fire, crush or blow up endless waves of enemies of varying types?
Well now you can!

How to use this mod:
If the mod is installed there will be a Gui titled Invasion.
Load any level, and start the level, on the Gui press the start button.
The countdown, will then count down to zero, and create a wave of enemies to fight. The countdown will then start counting down again.
You can adjust the amount of time until the next wave spawns, by moving the slider left and right.
Pressing the "Edit Enemies" but will bring up a list of all the enemy types. Simply click on the ones you want to disable. Click on a disabled enemy in the list to re-enable it.
Disabled enemies will be red while enabled enemies will be green.
You can hide to Gui by pressing Control and X. Repeat to bring the Gui back.

How to install:
Download and install Spaars modloader (
Download the and extract its contents into your mods folder.

Change Log
v.1.0 Made it. Archers spawn and kill themselves still
v.1.1 Added more to the Gui and added flying enemies as well - suggested by Shade Archers spawn and kill them self's still
v.1.2 Can now hide Gui by using Control+X Archers spawn and kill them self's still
v.1.3 Flying enemies now only spawn while flying, When Freighters are destroyed, their gibs as well are destroyed aswell. All Archers and Knights are removed when they are dead to reduce lag. Added the Axe enemies that do damage to your machine :p
v.1.4 Ground enemies now only spawn while you are on the ground (Your machine block is lower than 20 units). Archers spawn and kill them self's still
v.1.5 Enemies will no longer spawn inside of a vehicle and added a slider that adjusts the time it takes for a new wave to start - thanks Shade.
v.1.6 Added the "Edit Enemies" menu. Which allows you to disable and enable certain enemy types.
Removed the ordered feature, as it was stupid, useless and nobody loved him as a child.
We'll have fun XD
v1.7 Made the Gui look nicer by re-adding a skin, and by adding pictures
v1.8 Archers can now shoot arrows. so now your screwed
v2 Re-did the interface (Again) with the theme of besiege, Fixed lag issues with the mod, fixed canons so that they work properly. Added a new mode which requires you to kill all entities for the next round to start. Increased the difficulty by increasing how powerful enemy canons shoot, to 3 times harder. Ouch!
Current features:
Enemies of all types - archers are really needy, and don't shoot arrows, I'm working on this.
A GUI - that does stuff.
Enemies types can be disabled and enabled. Eg: No suiciding cows.
A short description of each enemy types in the edit enemies menu.

More customization - disabling/enabling enemy types - Done, yay!
Creating set waves for a more structured gameplay.
Some custom entities!
Archers to stop kill themselves - fixed, But archers don't shoot :(.
Edit: Archers to do something useful. - They Shoot Now! :D


Here are some awesome pictures - suggested by ITR

Dank memes
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You should add some awesome pictures >.<
Hey, think you could add castle spawns, like the castle in 'The Duke's Plea'? With randomly generated objectives that come with it? Say, destroy all archer towers, or take down the center structure, etc. Just curious if it can be done.
Hey! :D

This looks really awesome, I'm thinking of doing a challenge with it :D
Sadly, none links work for me - even the images.
Just thought I'd let you know, in case something went wrong with the files :)

Yeah, it's not your post that's messed up, since I can't even download anything else on the site right now :) So no worries :D (The forum won't even let me edit my former post)