Instant Win Machine

My latest machine beats most of the 25 current zones automatically, and it includes a land vehicle and an air vehicle to beat the rest.

You've seen spike bombs and blade bombs, but mine uses starting blocks so it can trigger checkpoints, and it's arranged to direct the shrapnel at the targets for CONSISTENT zone completion.

Steam Workshop:

Demo video:

Below you can see the thumbnail, and two screenshots of the Instant Win Machine living up to its name.

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Thanks for the comments, guys! Both @FBsoldier's and @Sirrockyqo's memes are funny. BTW, that's Shia LaBeouf's head photoshopped onto someone else's body isn't it?
I recently had to reload Besiege and so I am back to the beginning again! Reckon I'll give this a go to get back to the top map again. cheers dude :)
That is funny! I thought it was fake because it looks so much like the meme of Orson Welles clapping. Then I noticed in the comments on the video that the similarity was apparently intentional.