Insane ideas!

I've had them. You've had them. We've all had them. Insane ideas!

Hit me with the stupidest and/or most insane idea you've ever had in Besiege.

Did you manage to build it? Did it work out like you expected?

I'd love to read some reviews with pictures, or even better, videos!

Other concepts, theories and unfinished ideas goes here too!

Happy Sieging!

Here's the machine that inspired me to start this thread. I released it today.
A walker that picks up peasants and throws them far away using a catapult in his back,
I almost did it, but it just so happens that trying to move 2 wooden blocks against each other while in invencible mode with 4 fps can make [bold]your machine[/bold] get lauched far away.
In space.
And crash the game too.

It was a nice experience.
creating a plane that is fully manouverable at supersoncic speeds (measured with the m/s mod) without using invincibility

i tired and i succeded