InfoBox Closer Mod [Besiege 3.0+]


Staff member
Closes the info-boxes in the sandbox for you (might work on other boxes too)

It waits one second before closing the boxes, to make sure that the boxes have time to load, but you can set this shorter with the "delay" command, f.eks. "delay 0.1"

To install, download the dll below into your "Mods" folder

My computer currently seems to dislike being turned on for more than 10 minutes, and doing heavy operations, so I had to manage to copy the mod to a backup drive, open the drive on ubuntu which for some reason was very difficult, install visual studio, install mono, manually change the solution file to be able to compile, and deal with 3fps Besiege to test that the mod works.

So there may be issues I'm unaware of, please tell me below if there are



New Member
Seems to be working perfectly from what I can see. Could fail due to the delay sometimes, but since it's customizable, not a real problem.