Improved Sensor and Wire Block

Currently, the sensor block is triggered by anything it senses. Could we get an option to sense one or more blocks only? Maybe a selection menu or an eyedropper to pick the type of block? Also, we have a limited amount of keys on a keyboard which means that we can only have so many actions with blocks emulating a keypress. I think a solution for this would be a wire block that connects to blocks like the rope.

The wire block can be used to keep keys available. When connected to something that activates (automation blocks, steering hinge, grabber, wheel, piston, etc), it will activate the block it ends at too. This can be used to activate something like a ballast or wooden block, which can take activations and send it out to several more blocks. What do you think?


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I wouldn't mind a simple wiring system, but instead of it being a block, i feel like it would be better as a tool, that when active would show wires, similar to how starbound and terraria do it.
I was considering the idea of building an ALU with logic blocks, but as of right now i don't believe it would be feasible.


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After talking about it in the discord, I came up with a more fleshed out concept:
The Wire Tool would essentially create 'wires' (these would *NOT* be physical, and would be hidden during sim and when the tool is not active), which would connect between input and output nodes on blocks.

When hovering over a block with wire connections with the tool active, the connections would be highlighted.
The connections to the input and output wouldn't override the keybinds, but instead would operate much like an OR gate; having a wire on a block would still allow the user to activate it manually with a key, and if a user doesn't want to have a key trigger a block, they can simply set the keybinds to none.