Improved Laser Emitter Mod[ID:577][0.42B]


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View attachment 1142 blocks (laser Emitter) is the blocks folder from improved laser emitter
Try merging the Resources and Resources 2 folder.... And don't just name all the sub-folders "Blocks 2" etc.

Same with "Blocks" and "Blocks (laser emitter)"

And why do you even have the obj files and textures in the mods folder? That should be in the proper subfolders of "Blocks"
I have decided to start again from scratch... I only have spears modloader installed so it should be simple but still me being the annoying customer (I'm only 12 I am crap at this stuff) am requesting a step by step reply on how to install it... I'm really sorry it's just I'm bad at this stuff but really would like to use your mod. Thanks.


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I feel like I'm missing something obvious here... but the laser block model doesn't render for me :/
so i was a noob at first with modded blocks too, but then i learnt the way of the force... JK. quite simple. just copy and paste the textures from the texture folder into the texture folder for spaars modloader, do same with blocks and resources and make sure the .dll folder is in with the others. Hope this helps!

Improved from @Pixali 's code(His Github)

Code Page

Provides Abilities Below:
Ignition(Seems not working on knights, not sure)
Freeze(Only things that can freeze will freeze)
Add Force
Explosion(With some sort of charging effect)

Provides settings below:
Focus(Multiply this with the width will be the laser's end's width)(Only works with legacy rending)
Penetration Length Multiplier(Which means it can penetrate multiple objects)

Provide abilities that are not change-able below:
Can ignore Trigger Colliders.
Light(range depends on the width, intensity depends on the Penetration Length Multiplier, both depends on the bomb charge progress)
can i ask, may i have al ink to that ship or train in your second post , wang? thank you so much. woops, I forgot my please. :)
I know this may be a thing with standard rendering, but is it normal that the laser isn't rendered anymore when the emitter is not in the fov? i build a scope using the tank optic skinpack, and the emitter is just behind the scope but the laser isnt rendered.