Improved Laser Emitter Mod[ID:577][0.42B]


Improved from @Pixali 's code(His Github)

Code Page

Provides Abilities Below:
Ignition(Seems not working on knights, not sure)
Freeze(Only things that can freeze will freeze)
Add Force
Explosion(With some sort of charging effect)

Provides settings below:
Focus(Multiply this with the width will be the laser's end's width)(Only works with legacy rending)
Penetration Length Multiplier(Which means it can penetrate multiple objects)

Provide abilities that are not change-able below:
Can ignore Trigger Colliders.
Light(range depends on the width, intensity depends on the Penetration Length Multiplier, both depends on the bomb charge progress)


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I have last version of mod loader but not works can you help my besiege version is v0.42.And my metal spike looks like the laser block but when i put it it looks like the normal metal spike.
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