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  1. Engine-er

    Engine-er New Member

    The Water Cannons and Vacuum Blocks are fun, but they don't affect buildings. That's stupid. It really ruins the fun when you try to blow down a house with a 500 power Water Cannon, that doesn't work, so then you put a peasant in front of it and the peasant does the job because it's blown into it.

    I think houses should be able to move (or break) after a 500 power burst of water hits it, or when a 50 powered Vacuum Block sucks it up. I'm quite sure these impacts have the power of a tornado, and tornadoes rip houses up, right?
  2. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    i'm pretty sure water cannon wreck tolbrynd castle walls, given enough power.
  3. Engine-er

    Engine-er New Member

    Yes, but not Ipsilon castles, or any of the red huts, wooden houses, or the breakable cottages.

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