Ideas for Besiege blocks

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  1. Anamoose

    Anamoose New Member

    a option to fill balloons with a denser gas then air so you could have negatively weighed balloons

    pressurized tanks for lift like fill the tank with hydrogen and if hit by lets say a arrow can explode but provides more lift than the generic balloon.

    infantry for your team the infantry would take up a 1x2 area and would engage other AI and follow your core block until they find hostile AI then come back to following the core block

    oil cannon like the water cannon sprays out oil and sticks on AI then can be set a light burning longer and faster then just being set on fire.

    water levels like have a pond and you have to cross it to destroy a town or something that would a be a cool addition to the game.

    thats just some of my ideas
  2. Anamoose

    Anamoose New Member

    A idea Model for the oil sprayer.... Oil sprayer.png Oil sprayer.png Oil sprayer2.png

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