I Would Like Help Improving a Turning System

I have created a turning system today, which is actually my first system I have ever made! :D But, I ran into an issue where the turning was very long if you know what I mean. Here are some screenshots of my system:


If you know some ways to improve it let me know. Thank you for your help! :)


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could you post the file of the machine?
if it turns slowly, that probably means that it isn't able to turn efficiently for some reason.
also, the ball joints on the axles don't seem to be necessary, am I incorrect?


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ok, before I tell you, I'm going to explain two things I use to classify steering: 'strength', and 'freedom'.
'strength' is how resistant the steering system is to being changed by a outside force, and 'freedom' is how efficiently it turns linear motion into rotational motion.
okay, so first, the main problem seems to be with the wooden blocks by the wheels, if you add a swivel to the top of the wood blocks by the wheels, it rotates with more 'freedom', in fact it ends up having too much, but adding hinges and then rotating them inwards helped:

so that solves the 'freedom' problem, but the system is VERY soft.
this is normal for beginner steering systems, but it can be a big problem in some cases.
so to fix this, I did a few things:
1. I braced the wood blocks that are in the pistons together, which makes it more consistent, and increases the mass of the wood blocks:
2.on top of the hinges, I added swivels, and cross-jointed them.

after this, it drives pretty well, I've attached the machine below: