I will make you curious!

Just to tell you guys.

There's a new system coming (Non-verified information).
A very cool system.
That will change the way we make stuff.
What for?
A thing.
A thing you all know and love.

And I want you guys to leave your guesses below. ;-)
I wanna have fun seeing hundreds of wrong comments.... ;-)

Disclaimer: Even if you guess it, I will not say it's correct, because I have no permission to share the information (at least I don't think I have). I just wanna have some fun... ;-)


Staff member
More cats?
Is it reall that we will have a new system? or it's just a trick?

If it's not a trick...well I guess it's the machine loader, can combine the machines in different .bsg files


New Member
dragons? why not
multiplayer is hard to do with the current unity
he said no pooping animals
water, there's a mod
boats? what kind of suggestion is this? you can build one on your own
It was the modloader.
The new update has a COMPLETELY new system to make mods.

The code has to be different (at least the first part)