Last month you said there will be unity 5
Last month you said you pushing it

Well can't you just clucking DO IT

I've had it with you guys never keeping promise

I've been avoiding besiege for nearly three week

But i just can't

I love besiege but i just can't wait that much

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Patience young padawans. All shall be updated and we shall hail the coming of new blocks and levels the modding scene hasn't created yet. Soon, the lord and savior Von shalt deliver us from the evil of soul crushing boredom with his disciples of steel, and shall grant unto us light of which has never been seen-
Yeah. Update soon. Chill yo' beans.
Dem beans be too hot, yo.
Gabe is our savior, but he runs on Valve time, so he'll be our savior 'in a month' :p
Spiderling time is very similar to Valve time, but its more excusable because of the kind of... lack... of a massive dev team, and a lack of massive amounts of resources, etc, etc.