I need the acceleration due to gravity!

I'm the real world, it's 9.8 meters / second squared, but besiege doesn't seem to use meters, and I'm not even sure if gravity is the same. Does anybody know the acceleration due to gravity in blocks per second squared?

I'm trying to calculate it for a build, but it's kind of complicated. If anyone already knows it, that would simplify things.

Edit: I just checked my math I did earlier, and with my bad calculations I got an acceleration of roughly 31.6 blocks per second squared, which is closer to the acceleration in the English system: 32.2 ft/s^2. I could still use someone else checking it though.
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The gravity in besiege is 32.81 m/s^2, unless they've changed it since last I checked. A wooden block is about 1 cubic meter, if I remember correctly