I`m writing a HUGE guide! Help please!

About suspension, it is best if there is both horizontal and rotational suspension because it allows the machine to handle more stress. You should also note that horizontal suspension on a ground vehicle is almost always unnecessary.
the suspension system that you already have in your guide can be used because it allows for rotational suspension as well as a tiny bit of vertical suspension. And about your part on horizontal suspension, the picture is actually of rotational suspension. Horizontal suspension is actually when you place a suspension block horizontally and call it suspension. (don't quote me on this. I'm not 100% certain)
It is called horizontal suspension but it rotates in the direction if the motorcycle. What I mean by horizontal suspension is a suspension block sticking out from the side of a vehicle.
I made a video showing just the basic ones and that goes out at 19:00 tonight. I have all the footage for the more advanced one but no voice over yet. Too busy! Btw I put in two mentions and a link to your guides!
Me and solarsupremacy has been lookin' over it and came up with some solutions for planes, but it has to perfect before I can add it to the guide. That's a WIP at the moment.
I have a post for auto-stabilizating rotors in the guide, but it's pretty weak if you use only 1 rotor. My U-5 Intelligence on the other hand uses this system with 8 rotors and you can clearly notice the auto-stabilization.