i key in Key Mapping + Parameter Tuning sets parameter to 0.00

Operating System:
Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

System Specs:
Intel Core i5-3570 CPU 3.40GHz at 3779.08MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST -2.00GB

Game Version:
Steam version

Steps to reproduce bug or what you were doing when the bug occured:
  1. Place any object which has a parameter value (balloon, wheel, sawblade, steering device, spring, etc),
  2. Activate key mapper + parameter tuning
  3. Select the placed object to edit the object's key mapping + parameter tuning
  4. Press the i key on your keyboard
  • BUG: Parameter value becomes 0.00 and parameter slider button does not move.
  • Additionally, selecting another object, or exiting KM+PT does not apply the 0.00 value to the parameter tuning, bu closing the KM+PT window without exiting the KM+PT mode does apply the 0.00 value to the parameter tuning

Please attach output_log.txt, it is located in Besiege/Besiege_Data

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Yes, I've seen this part of the code in the SimpleNumberField class. I don't know why they had that "i" put there, probably for debugging purposes.
Here's a fixed version:

1) Disables the functionality of "x" and "Delete" when editing the keymap
2) Disables the functionality of "i", in the Block Info dialog, which resets the slider value
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