I have a weird problem with my plane...

I am building my first besiege modded jet fighter and everything goes more than well thanks to Shadé's tutorial of the f 20 tigershark... But there is one little problem... When I try to lift off or go up with my plane, its speed decrease drastically for no apparent reasons...

At first I though it was simply because I had put the same command as "going up"(in my case k because I use ijkl to move around instead of arrows) as the backward command of the wheels composing my engine. But, as you can see.. or "read" The problem wasn't there :/

So I have a plane that slows the same way my engine would've slowed the plane with a reversed wheel when ever I try to go up and it's really annoying :c

I'm sure there is a plane builder somewhere who have had the same problem once and know how to fix it all x) thank you for helping me : D


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can you post a screenshot of your plane?
also, if your speed decreases when you go up, that might mean it is stalling (not enough thrust)
Oh yea sorry I should've delete this post ... I found the problem! there simply wasn't enough lift from the front of the plane -_-
Capture d’écran 2017-11-04 à 17.18.37.png

So I put 2 little wings at the front and now I'm able to fly pretty well c: