I did it again ( a new over the top prototype)

after seeing uzaki´s ark (which you definetly should check out) i had an idea for a giant battlecruiser....so I made one

this , like mentioned in the title, is just the prototype but it has tremendous potential (if it wasnt for the performance limit)

the prototype alone clocks in at around 3k parts, which makes it hard to build (3fps in build mode) but still playable (ca. 25 fps in play mode)

it has enormous firepower with its 288 cannons

it has open and closable cannon-hatches

it can easily fly using its 84 concealed rotors

...it cannot steer yet though :p

it is build with VERY litte bracing but is still quite resistant to shock as you will see

i hope it doesn´t break your pc´s :)

have fun with it!

ps. here are some pics, be sure to watch all of them! :)

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