I bought the game on GOG but the game is still on version 0.60 and is missing months of updates

Can you please put the updates to the game on GOG. The current version on GOG is 0.60 and on Steam it's 0.66. I want to play with these updates. I bought the game. I shouldn't have to wait months for these updates.
Any update on this. I would really like to play my game right now with the latest updates. It's not fair to treat your paying customers like this just because they bought the game on a different platform that you support. Please build and upload 0.66 on GOG.



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Apologies for the inconvenience, the builds should now be up to date on GOG.

We had some trouble with the build creators for GOG but the issue has now been resolved.


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What operating system are you using?

Edit: You may wish to restart the GOG client, the build was uploaded approximately 2 hours ago, so the client may need refreshing.
Windows, but none of the downloads, Windows, Linux, or Mac are up on the GOG website. On the website when going to download Besige, it still says
I tried GOG Galaxy, and I'm downloading the update now. Will let you know if it works. However I would still like the installer manual download from their website. Can I get that too please.


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I believe it should be available through the website as well..
Perhaps the website has to be updated manually by GOG, or perhaps it takes longer for the website to update.
Apologies again for the inconvenience.
Okay, looks like the game is now up on Gog Galaxy and I installed it though there and started it. It says it's version Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.

A few more things though:
-can you please upload the installer as well on Gog's website
-can you please keep the game updated on GOG as well going forward from now on in sync with steam

I also have a feature request:
-can you please allow rebinding the controls for the game. Some of the controls feel really awkward like having to use the mouse and the arrow keys (right handed). It would be nice to rebind the arrow keys to "wasd".

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Is the multiverse update using your own computer to host (I believe it works this way and I prefer it this way instead of some online service that might later become unavailable).

Thanks again for getting this up so quickly. Going to play some now :)


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Multiverese servers are hosted using the host player's computer yes, there are no plans to change this.

Edit: I also believe the next update is a re-work of the options menu which should allow most keys to be rebound. The estimated release is next week.
That's great news on both items. I will get the update on GOG right away as well right? I won't have to wait weeks or months for subsequent updates I hope.

Also are you guys actively working on optimizing the game more to allow for larger and more complex builds?

I would love it if the game had the ability built in to disable limits on blocks and creation sizes, scaling etc. Things that mods do now. This could prevent campaign advancement and only let you play levels you have already beaten with the disabled limits. It would just be nice to be able to go as crazy as your computer can handle to make creations without having to use mods. I see this as a mode to toggle on and off. It would also be great if Besiege had proper mod support. Of course I don't expect this soon, just a wish list :).


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There are currently no limits on the size of your machine in Besiege, the boundary box can be disabled, allowing you to build as large as you like.
We are of course always on the look out for optimizations that can be made to Besiege, however Besiege is an extremely physics heavy game and it is unlikely we'll be able to offer any more significant performance boosts.
Is there a place I can get custom maps without steam? What about the best place for custom creations? I know a few places for custom creations but i'm wondering if there are other good ones. I also can't find any places to get maps except steam (which I can't use as I have the GOG version).

Also can you add support for auto-generating thumbnails for bsg files that are missing one (eg. ones that are downloaded) when browsing the creations in game or on game load or add support for bundling the thumbnail in the bsg as binary xml data for example and that way they can come with the download. Bundling the thumbnail would also be really handy for renaming the files and not having to manage 2 separate files when organizing creations