Hydraulic or servomotor like linear and angular actuators

I want them. I want them bad. I've wanted them since I first tried to use a piston. I've even broken the rules to suggest this a second time.

Dear sweet baby jesus can the world of Besiege discover hydraulics so I can have high-force, low-speed, adjustable actuators?

How many things you've built would be improved by pistons that extend to the length you want and then stay that way?

What could you do with gears or wheels that can rotate (and stop once you release the hotkey) at low speeds under heavy loads?

P.S., it is way past time we could move blocks around in the UI. The way they are currently categorized makes little sense to me on top of my most-often-used 10 or so blocks being spread out across almost every single category. I could probably build any given machine in 2/3rds the time if I could just keep my favorite blocks in one toolbox. This shouldn't be nearly as hard to implement as other ease-of-use tools (like block/block group copy+paste/duplication/mirroring/etc.). I would prefer all of this stuff to new levels, especially now that the sandbox has been improved.