Hunter M2 WarCopter (Helicopter that fits in the bounding box)

[FONT=arial, sans-serif]Hey guys![/FONT] Here for besiege I present to you the Hunter M2 Warcopter, an upgraded, more stable and more intimidating version of the Hunter M1 warcopter!
This helicopter can be hard to control, but this is typical with every helicopter.
It fits in the bounding box and can be played without invincibility and therefore can beat every mission on this game, including tolbrynd!
However this can still break easily, so be careful! This machine uses a chaos engine as it's rotor, so this is expected :p

This helicopter has:
One medium ranged Air-To-Ground missile
4 aimable cannons fired by two buttons
1 nose cannon
2 independently dropped bombs
Retractable landing skids

Controls: (Any control within square brackets is a numpad control)
*Here 4,e,r,t should be used like w,a,s,d.*
Tilt forwards:4
Tilt backwards:r
Tilt to the right:5
Tilt to the left:3
Turn right:t
Turn left:e
Increase lift:\
Decrease lift:z
Drop right bomb:[6]
Drop left Bomb:[4]
Fire nose cannon:[5]
Fire upper two aimable cannons: [1]
Fire lower two aimable cannons:[3]
Aim cannons downwards:[7]
Aim cannons upwards:[9]
Launch missile: (Hold) [2]
If you want to see the rotors and chaos engine(along with the helicopter) fly off their own way, press the / which is next to R Shift.

Thankyou for reading, and please reply so I can know that you have read this! :)


There you go!

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Hunter M2.bsg
Nice machine, man! It may not be fast but that neutral chaos engine has amazing hover capabilities.

(Btw, the photos don't seem to be working. Maybe upload them to instead?) Nvm, fixed.
alright i took a look at it.

this is a pretty well rounded machiene! i had to readjust the keymapping to make it more practical though. i love the engine since i used the chaos engine quite alot and its powerful and stable.
Yes, the controld are really bad.
Sadly now in v0.08 whenever I try to make a chaos engine like in this heli the grabber grabbing the fireball just flies out of the saw blades like as if it weren't connected ;-;
I am working on an improved version, I just need to make a good rotor design first! :D