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  1. Zdravko179

    Zdravko179 New Member

    This is what I came up with. I was thinking of making multyplaer races, or battles, but when I taught about it, I saw that you can make absoultely anything, and it would be to unblanced, cause if you used all item that game has to offer, people would make 100%+flametrower and other guy wood car, who do you think will win?

    So you give blocks, so its balanced. So battle starts with idk, 3 minutes of building car, with given blocks (lets say: 20 wood, 4 wheels, 2 sterings, 4 spikes..?).

    Hope you liked idea, I would realy enyoy this, please coment on this!!!
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  2. ITR

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    Besiege_This! did something like this, though he had to control both machines.
    There was some planning in making something like this with the sensor mod, but that stopped due to the v0.3 update.
  3. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

    Or give coop puzzles and a global leaderboard.
  4. Zdravko179

    Zdravko179 New Member

    I have tried to build 2 machines, and have fight with 2 friends, it was realy fun. We placed our cars on high ground, next to statue on original sandbox, and we were pussing each other off the edge. I realy liked it, so if they were intendeg to do this, they should countinue. :D
  5. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

    Kind of like the sumo gamemode on Terra Tech!
  6. QuextArt

    QuextArt Member

    multiplayer should be official content of game

    my examples

    1vs1: use anything but it has to fit in this box

    sandbox session

    team deatmatch or maybe capture the flag with grabber

    teamwork levels with for example huge army or gigant castle

    rally race: which machine goes further?
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  7. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

  8. QuextArt

    QuextArt Member

    limit is stupid idea

    flamethrowers probably should be banned
  9. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

    Having a limit makes sense, it means that you have to think when building. Flamethrowers definitely should not be allowed. The blocks that you can use should be different each time so you can't just use the same vehicle every time.
  10. stuChris

    stuChris Member

    there could also be some sort of "weekly challenge" where two people battle machines made of blocks the game has selected randomly
  11. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

    On a procedurally generated map
  12. YetiFTW

    YetiFTW New Member

    Or also ctf
  13. Zdravko179

    Zdravko179 New Member

    flamethrowers arent bad, cause in single player, if you use them you need to watch out not to burn yourself
  14. garrett

    garrett New Member

    My recommendations:

    Hosts create rooms and pick limitations on modding and parts limitations. Players who join the game can import any machine that fits the host's guidelines, or can create a machine while waiting for the game to start. Once all players are ready and the game loads, players have a predetermined amount of time to edit their machine before the game starts.

    Demolition mode
    : Each players creation must include 4 "Key Blocks". Key Blocks which burn or move XX distance away from the starting block are considered lost. 1 Key Block can be lost without penalty. If 2 or more Key Blocks are lost, that player is "out" and enters spectator mode until the match ends. This is a simple but definitive way of detecting when a machine has been destroyed.

    Race: The host sets a number of checkpoints which players must reach in sequence. The first player to complete X laps wins.

    (optional feature for all modes) Respawn: When a player is "out", a respawn countdown starts for that player. When the count reaches zero, the game removes all blocks previously loaded by that player from the game (to minimize lag) then reloads their machine from the starting point again.
  15. Onyxzen

    Onyxzen New Member

    I like your recommendations garret and to add in your Demolition mode: The key blocks should be protected by something sturdy but it cannot touch any metal or blocks that are virtually invincible and the starter block, I think that if it hits the ground its a lose and in the Demo mode there should be a height limit so people wont make impossibly large towers.
  16. vorticus

    vorticus Member

    Can I play with you? sorry if my reply is late and I might sound like a loner too :p

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