how to (properly) use sawblades as wheels!

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    ok, so, to do this, you will probably need TGYD's Building Tools (link:
    and the Simple Collider Displayer Mod, (link:
    so, a lot of people use saw blades as wheels, but they jolt the vehicle, and the problem lies in the collider of the sawblade:
    notice how much empty space there is, inbetween colliders. Now, for some things, this is good ( if you put sawblades with 0 speed on a swivel and rotate them correctly, they work as fireproof gears), but for wheels this is pretty annoying.
    so, how do you fix this? easy, you just add another saw!
    now, the saws work just as well as regular wheels (this has the same amount of 'spokes' as a small wheel, 16),
    though you need something to turn it ( I like using scaled down negative water cannons, personally).
    for those curious, I've attatched the machine to this post, so feel free to experiment.
    p.s., I scaled one side of the wheels negatively to make them face the same way, if you are wondering how.

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    saw for gears? i never seen anything like that
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    yep, let me make a example machine, I discovered it by accident, since there is the same amount of spokes as the small gear, they can mesh together ( you might have to rotate it until the spokes aren't intersecting, though).
    the machine is a example, I made it pretty quick so don't expect it to work perfectly:

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