how to build sturdy moving parts?

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  1. Ubus

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    i'm building planes with moving wingparts, placed on steering hinges. but every time i try to make stunts in the air, the hinge cant hold the force and breaks.
    is there a way to make almost rigid hinges?
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    Personally, I overcame that problem by bracing the wing to the steering hinge. Or does the hinge and wing break off in one piece?


    I usually add allot of hinges and brace them where i can as 2 hinges are already twice as strong as one. Redundance is the key word here but ofcourse that wont work on all machines.
  4. Ubus

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    They bend together and then break of in one piece.

    So to make my case clear:
    i build starfighters, for example the x-wing or the ETA-2, they both have folding wings, and if I turn them to much or fly to fast, their Wings start to bend away from the main cabin until they break.
    this is especially problematic when making hard turns or rolls, as the wings break of after just a few seconds.
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