How to Build a Plane in Besiege


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I received so many request on how to build a plane, so here it is. A video guide on how to build simple plane (not the SimplePlanes game) on Besiege. By simple it will cover everything from building engine, designing wings and stabilizers, and how to controlling via ailerons and elevators.

This basic Simple Plane Tutorial will not covers the usage of mods, since you need to know how to build things properly without mods first.

All building footages are recorded in Besiege 0.42b

Download the finished plane.
Download the RTC example.
I used my first recorded aircraft as an example in the video. It was simple enough but has exceptional stability and manuvreability so I think it is a good example.

Special thanks to @Redstoneman for helping me with the production of this video.
Any question? Need help with anything? Just write in the comments below!
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nice! I would love to see a tutorial for a jet.
I have mastered the armor warfare and would love to build some birds :)