How to Automatically Backup Any Version of Your .BSGs

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    Have you ever create something epic in Besiege, you perfectly sure that nothing will beat the badassness of your machine, you already think "This will surely beat FrizB machine's popularity on workshop in no time!", you already have the habit to save machine regularly so everything should be fine. Unfortunately, there's always a way to screw you.

    Some actual cases I've witnessed:

    Or this:


    Yes you MaxTCC

    Sometimes its the builder stupidity, sometimes the game corrupted your saves, sometimes your PC exploded violently because you had to load that crazy big ass machine/building from Aber. Or maybe your mom sold your PC when you were away to school.
    The Penetrator Evo7b with skyscraper as target? goddamnit Aber..​

    You know what's the safest storage available to public? Cloud storage.
    The backup process can easily be automated if you know what are you doing. That's why I wrote this guide. Configure and integrate with Besiege once, then you can forget about that and use it everytime you need to revert to older version or if you lose your bsg.

    Part 1 -- How to Dropbox
    First, of course register Dropbox. It's really simple and fast. If you already have Dropbox and just need know how to integrate with Besiege, skip to part 2.
    By following that link, you can get 2GB storage + 250 MB bonus which is enough for 7000+ machines. Next step you should install the software on your PC. Don't worry, it is small and safe.
    Follow the installation instruction and set the Dropbox folder wherever you like. A new folder would appeared on your Windows Explorer sidebar.

    Part 2 -- How to Integrate Dropbox with Besiege
    Open your \Besiege\Besiege_Data folder and move the SavedMachines folder including everything inside to the Dropbox folder. EVERY. SINGLE. FILE.

    You can see the sync progress after you moved everything. If you see the green checkmark, then the files are perfectly synced.
    We’ll use the mklink command to create symbolic links. To use it, we have to open an administrator Command Prompt. Enter “cmd” or "command" in your start menu search, right-click on Command Prompt, and select “Run as administrator”.

    Use this, mklink /J "Path to original Besiege SavedMachines" "Path to your Dropbox SavedMachines"

    So I would enter this in the command prompt

    mklink /J C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\SavedMachines C:\Users\Shade\Dropbox\SavedMachines
    If your path has any spaces in it, you need to place quotes around it. Note also that the link can have a different name than the file it links to.
    Thats it. If your find you SavedMachines folder in Besiege data with a shortcut icon on it, you are doing everything correctly.

    Part 3 -- How to Revert Older Version BSG or Recover Any Deleted BSG
    The best part of Dropbox is you can easily revert to older version (in case you overwrite something). Simple, just go to Dropbox Home.Then go to the bsg you want to revert. Right click and choose [Previous Versions]

    Or if you need to recover a deleted bsg, right click on top near the folder path then click [Show deleted files]
    Every deleted files will reappears like a zombie.
    Just right click and restore to recover that file like nothing happens. You can also [Permanently delete] to banish it to the nether realm and will lost forever. FOREVER.

    No more hesitating, register Dropbox now.

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  2. MaxTCC

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    This is the most helpful thing ever.
  3. FrizB

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    It's really clever! Btw sorry to hear your mum sold ur computer...that's cold! XD. Oh and just for the record... I AM INVINCIBLE, so stop getting peoples hopes up that they can beat me! It's not noice. bai.
  4. Fnom3

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    :banana: :D
  5. Shade

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    It's been a while since I'm using mklink command.
    Hope I'm writing that code correctly..

    Lol no one's mom sold their son's computers.. yet.
    And about beating you... we'll see. :D
  6. FrizB

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    Looks like ur well on ur way to beating with that Kirov video...very noice!
  7. ITR

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    Cloud storage, allowing the US-government to spy on my precious secret .bsg files >.>
    Shade is FBI-agent in disguise confirmed
  8. Shade

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    Damn it, I've blown my cover.
    So close to implement your battle bot in war
  9. Shade

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    Added @Mumon latest corrupted saves to the list of the solid reason why you should enable cloud saving.
  10. Mumon

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    this is actually really nice! However it is not the Archangel that died...the Dauntless is gone.....but guess what the Victoria is coming, and its twice the size of the Dauntless. Why? Because when life pisses on you, you shit on it to establish dominance!
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  11. Shade

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    the link properly lead to the dauntless. the archangel is just another unrelated example.
    but i get it why you misunderstand it, I will change the image later
  12. Mumon

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    Ah never mind that :)
  13. Mumon

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    Ive tired this and Its sketchy

    1. for it to work i have to delete the original saved machienes folder in the besiege directory since otherwise the command tool says that data that already exists cannot be created.

    2. if I do that i cannot access the original folder anymore since windows says the directory is not accessible since its on a different path like a network
  14. Shade

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    1. Not delete, but move it to the dropbox folder. If you aint sure you can just duplicate it in the same place and rename it to SavedMachinesBackup or something. But moving it to the dropbox folder is an important step or it won't be synced.
    2. You move the folder first before making the junction. It's basically making a shortcut but more sophisticated because other program thinks the data is there even though its a shortcut.
  15. Mumon

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    Ofc I moved the folder before using the command tool since otherwise its got no folder to sync with.
    The problems occured after that
  16. Shade

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    if you have moved it then why it still on the besiege directory?
    The junction command will create a 'folder' that directly leads to the original in the dropbox.
  17. Mumon

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    Yes, it creates one which I cannot access
  18. Shade

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    Strange, must be an issue with permissions. I've created junction on Besiege for every PC I have and never encountered the problem.
    Did you use an administrator Command Prompt, or just regular Command Prompt?
  19. Mumon

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  20. Shade

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    I don't know then, sorry
    Maybe I will make a video sometimes at later date

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