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  1. ok so im building a certain machine that happens to use tank tracks in an odd and horribly frustrating way when it comes to building.
    basically the tracks are similar to those of a scorpion tank from halo but the machine isnt the scorpion tanks but that shouldnt matter

    what i tried was building each track link as a hinge scaled to 1 width, 0.25 height, and 0.75 length and under it a small spike the scale of which i couldnt remember. it was small and fit between wheels so yeah
    the wheels were powered cogs

    1st problem:
    the tracks mustve looked at some heartwrenching stuff cuz they were shooketh. shaking all over the place and shooting spikes everywhere

    2nd problem
    tracks would attach to each other forming retarded rigid masses of hingefuckery

    how do i fix this
  2. ITR

    ITR l̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ֍̫̜̥̭͖̱̟̟͉͙̜̰ͅl̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ Staff Member

    If you use my Collider Displayer Mod, you can try to see which colliders intersect, maybe?
  3. oh yeah i forgot about that mod
    btw when i use it it does a thing where when i click in the menu it duplicates the menu with all buttons deselected but it doesn't immediately do anything until I try to turn off the collider view and then it duplicates again but with the button still selected this time so it doesnt turn off so i have to keep turning the mod on/off in the ctrl+m menu which is kind of an inconvenience
  4. ITR

    ITR l̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ֍̫̜̥̭͖̱̟̟͉͙̜̰ͅl̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ Staff Member

    Yeah, there's some bug, I'll have to fix it when I have time

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