Hornet MKIII [Swash plate] [Heavy attack helicopter]

This is the 3rd development of my Attack helicopters this Helicopter has the most a danced devices including a swash plate, front mounted 30mm cannon, 2 ATGM short range (air to ground missiles), 2 ATGM long range missiles, cockpit with a Navigation wheel, YAW rotary, folding landing gear, and has the abilty to switch into a turbo prop! the turbo prop function is enabled on the simple tap of a key and toggled. The swash plate tilts all directions, though due the nature of the mechanism when going forward one must compensate by pulling to the left a small amount. But in every other direction the swash plate preforms fine.It is even strong enough to pull off certain maneuvers!!! this is by far one of the best helicopters i've made yet.

hornet thumnail.jpg

hornet landing.jpg

Turbo jet
Hornet mK3 (5).jpg

blade controls
Hornet mk3.jpg

Tail rotor
Hornet mK3 (1).jpg

Hornet mK3 (4).jpg


T/G = Pitch forward / backwards
F/H = Roll left / right
R/Y = YAW left / Right
6 = unpin
N/M = landing gears
X/C = rotor pitch / speed + Altitude gain
U/J = Turbo rotor mode (toggled)


1= short range ATGM's
2= Longe range ATGM's (not as accurate)

Right Alt. = main 30mm cannon

Steam link here:

.Bsg file here: hornet-mkiii-skin.bsg