High speed Fighter Bomber SFP-V30, Vanilla


Easy to fly
Great balance
Block count 190

Retractable suspended landing gears
Variable pitch propellers

4 bombs
2 power x2.0 cannons

Effective yaw

  • Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
  • Q, E --- yaw
  • Z, X --- variable thrust
  • L-ctrl --- toggle engines
  • C, V --- landing gears
  • L-alt --- cannons
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 --- bombs

Development and Story of The SFP-V30:
The very first version of this plane is SFP-V4. It has the longest history of all my builds. It had been through V5, V6, V12 to V14, V19 to V23, and V29, over ten versions to become the best plane of mine so far.
Originally it had the variable pitch propellers identical to the SFP-V9 (propeller construction tutorial), cockpit of the Swallow, and 1 cannon, no bombs. It easily lost control at high speed.
I constantly rebuild the plane, non of them flies properly. Until the Besiege v0.32 update, the braces work differently, which fix some unknown problem and enabled the twin prop configuration to have enough strength to endure the engines' torque.
The symmetry tool was a great help. With that I don't need to delete any block already built, but insert new ones remotely. (lengthy demonstration here). Thank you developers!

The SFP-V30 is fitted with two power x2.0 cannons, simple but strong recoil dampers allow high rate of fire.
Bombs are hold close together right at the center of mass, dropping odd number of them barely affect the flight. You can drop them one-by-one and still have excellent control over the aircraft.
To achieve that, the lift center is also at the center of mass. And by that plane can fly horizontally with or without the bombs.
Compact variable-pitch engines from the SFP-V25.
The yaw is effective enough that the plane can do knife-edge flights. Try fly through the floating columns in the sandbox!

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