High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves


Thought I'd share my steam engine I've been working on:

Technically it is a 2-stroke impulse engine but I think it mimics an internal combustion engine quite well. It can reach high rpm's and produces a good amount of torque. It is capable of self start. The camshaft is always in synch with the crankshaft utilizing the cam belt. When adjusting the valve timing you can make the engine rev up or down and change the angle of rotation. The engine can run in either a V8 firing order or a V-Twin firing order with 4 pistons firing simultaneously. It was made using the 'Custom Rotation Amount' mod and functions with gravity and invincibility off at 100% game speed (atleast on my laptop).



'←' and '→' to synchronize both the crankshaft and the camshaft.
'r' and 't' to adjust the valve timing via the pulley.
'n' and 'm' to tighten or loosen the cam belt.
'y' to start the steam cannons.

Synchronize both the crankshaft and the camshaft using '←' or '→' until the hinges on the crankshaft align like this:

Fire up the steam cannons using 'y' and adjust the valve timing using 'r' or 't' until it runs in the desired angle of rotation with the desired rpm.

Optional: Gently tap 'n' to tighten up the timing belt.

Can you get it to power something? Have fun with it!

Edit: The previous version had keys bound to the numpad. '4' and '6' have been replaced with 'r' and 't'.

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Ah okay! Yes, that is supposed to happen, each valve needs to be synchronized with each piston. When you use 4 and 6 you twist the camshaft in its entirety and change the engines characteristics :)
=Ø= said:
I can't understand how to tune it. Can you show a video or something?
I wrote an instruction in the post, after you start the steam cannons, press and hold 4 or 6 until it starts to rev and continue to tune it from there with 4 or 6 ☺

Can anyone get it going? I didnt realise it was this hard
When you adjust the crank and cam shaft using the left and right arrow keys, does the engine turn? It should make a rev or two during the adjustment If mapped correctly.

The upper steering block that the winches (cam belt) attach to should be mapped to 4 and 6, is it mapped like that for you?
=Ø= said:
The mapping is not correct i assume. I can't figure it out.
Its bound on the numpad! :( I didn't realise there was a difference between 6 and [6]. I'm sorry for that. I will update it when I get home!

Edit: I have now edited the keymapping from '4' and '6' numpad to 'r' and 't'!
Hey man, it's a really good engine! I've put a clutch and a fixed ×4 ratio reduction gearbox (reduces rpm but increases torque).

When you start the engine, just make sure it's on max revs and then hold [h] to engage the clutch. Wait for some gear grinding to happen and then hopefully the vehicle will start moving (not very fast though).

It could go faster if the reduction in the gearbox is less, but gravity is decreased as well.

Requires the Big Slick Wheel Mod.

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Glad you like it. Nice idea using a clutch like that, makes these sort of things a lot easier. Cool mod aswell, I always found the big wheels to be too small :)