Hi guys i`m new!


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Hi new, I'm ITR, welcome to the forum :3


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What joke?
Hi! *My senses say another multiplayer suggestion thread coming soon* nah jk. Anyways welcome to the forums, which has like 10 logged members at a time! :p
I'm FBSoldier and [bold]welcome to the forums![/bold]

Here you will find amazing mods, to make your game more interesting, add water, add multiplayer, add blocks and much more.
You will also find amazing creations and mechanisms.
Not to mention all the ideas people share here!

To start off, you can try getting a banner themed profile picture here: http://goo.gl/L5oyry
And install mods, beggining with the modloader here: http://goo.gl/RqHDRk

If you need any help feel free to call me!
New member tips: be wary of these following stuff
  • British kitchen tools
  • Indonesian Abortion Pills
  • Religious debate
You should also look for Newven**** he makes profile banner for free