help needed for longrange cannons.


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Since I was mentioned, if you want help getting your mods working you can make a thread in the modding subforum or post on the mod loader thread if that's what's not working and I'd be happy to help you as best as I can.


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I don't think there currently is a way to make cannons shoot further (unless you know how to mod), but you could try out ballast guns instead
It would great to have a bigger and cooler looking cannon for long range (AA gun). Then again, there's no purpose of it, because you can use mods. If you can use mods...
oh well. guess im on the next project then.. AA with exploding grenades.. the one i made now shoot some of them out of sandbox so got the power,, but igniting them got a 50% fail rate..

shooting them tru flames to arm them.. but accuracy is like a blind man so far