Helicopter built in Besiege v0.01 (Surprisingly good!)

The Da Vinci Dragon is the OPPOSITE of building with mods: I restricted myself to building in the spartan Besiege v0.01, AND I didn't use flying spirals. So the only airfoils left were the huge batwings, and propeller blades that couldn't be flipped.

But don't be fooled by the Dragon's humble beginnings; it's formidable by any standard. This heavily armed, 6-wheeled behemoth is meticulously balanced in the air, and a it's a powerful force in a wide variety of zones and maps.

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  • The prop on the left rear is to balance flight in Unity 5 Besiege. But if you're flying in Besiege version v0.11 or before, you'll want to delete that to balance it for Unity 4 Besiege.
  • Use pitch and roll to point the rotors where you want to go, and the wings in the back will straighten you out as you fly.
  • When dropping bombs, you'll want to be careful not to drop a bomb on your landing gear and then accelerate. To avoid blowing yourself up, you can make sure you're about level before dropping a bomb. Or, you can gain a lot of altitude so you can do a controlled glide until you're over the bombing target, then only accelerate after the bomb is clear.
  • The Dragon is a strong cargo helicopter. When you're on the ground, downforce compresses the suspension, so you can reach down to pick up cargo.
  • The Dragon is pretty good for driving through the small, breakable buildings like the ones in the sandbox, but you do want to avoid hitting the front rotor.

Enjoy conquering sky and land in this airborne tank!


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