Heavy (sort of) Bomber + Simple rotor tutorial


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After a few trials and a lot of errors, I've come around, mostly out of luck, this simple yet efficient and stable rotor design (probably nothing new) and I've used it for a dual rotor bomber that carries 10 bombs, and drop them 2 by 2 (for heavier strikes, sort of, but mostly to keep its balance).

It's stable IF it wants to, 50% of the time the rotors would just desynchronise and it would just trip over, wich I guess is still funny.
I've been experimenting with cog-synchronised rotors, not with a lot of success until now, I'd be happy to hear about a good solution for this if someyone comes around one :)

Here's some footage, and at 2:20 a simple tutorial for a simple rotor design (two sets of wing panels, one spining block) :

Edit : forgot the link

Thanks in advance ! :)