Has the Unity 5 upgrade been hard on you ? (modders)

Before we begin this is a legit question and I am not complaining.
I don't know anything about modding but was wondering what the modders think of the update so far. Is it difficult to adapt your previous mods and mod blocks to the new engine? I am sort of taking a break from Besiege for a while because I became so dependent on you guys that even with the new engine I feel like I am missing something without some of my mods , blocks in particular. Also ...how much , if at all , has the update helped you guys once you get past the initial crossover phase? Does Unity 5 have the potential for better possibilities when it comes to modding or is it basically just a physics and performance upgrade? Oh and HURRY UP AND UPDAYTEZ MY MODS!! WHAST THE HELL AM I PAYING YOU FOUR!!1?/! ....jk guys keep kicking ass.


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All the Unity code-changes devs had to make their code compatible with, all the modders have to do with their mods too.


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I think most mods don't need a *lot* of updating work, but a couple of them might, and unless the mod just works with the new update anyway, it's always a bit of manual labor. That becomes a problem mostly for the people like ITR and TesseractCat who have a lot of mods because then it becomes a lot of work just to go through them and fix them all.
For me, just change .rigidBody to GetCompement<RigidBody>(), and also for renderer, collider, particleSystem and something else :/ maybe it will be hard for modders who make complex mods ;)
Good info! Thanks for taking the time to answer. I think Unity 5 brings a lot more to the table for players even though it made some building techniques no longer viable. Plus, I have yet to have one of my machines glitch off into the horizon since the update. I do get frustrated with most of my favorite mods and block mods being broken at the moment but once the modders get everything up to date and the Dev's work out a few kinks then the game will be near perfect.