Gyro ModV4 [Besiege v0.09 AND Besiege v0.08 ] [Spaar`s Modloader Required!]


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Gyro Mod for Besiege V.09 AND Besiege V.08

Hi, This is my first mod so sorry if its not very useful or good but i'm open to suggestions to making this better.
The Gyro mod requires spaar's mod-loader to be installed for this to work.
Ever built a machine such as an aircraft or REALLY heavy, off balanced crane/large hunk of wood and iron? If so, the Gyro mod can really help you with those pesky toppling over problems!
The way the Gyro Mod functions is just like the table-top gyroscope toy you had as a kid except done in in a computer, in a game, in a mod, in a class, in cod---- anyways, the way the gyroscopic function works is by resisting rotation in all directions. if a force overcomes its restive force, it will move and keep it in that new position. This can stabilize things such as an aircraft made in the game!
here is a very poor demonstration of the mod(if you install it you will understand the affects much better than watching the video):
------------UPDATES SECTION------------
Version 4:
Minor Fixes/Updates:None.
Major Fixes/Updates: Now using FixedUpdate for calculations instead of Update function. you will notice a MAJOR increase in effectiveness. Big thanks to ITR for pointing out I got the two functions confused.

Version 3:
Minor Fixes/Updates:None.
Major Fixes/Updates: Mod will now check to see if a new version exists and will prompt for download. If user proceeds, it will download the new mod and close game then open a computer window to delete old mod leaving the latest version.
Version 2:
Minor Fixes/Updates: Now using the more sensible
Application.dataPath for setting storage.

Major Fixes/Updates: Mod will now check to see if a new version exists and will prompt for download of it In-Game.

Version 1:
Minor Fixes/Updates: None, First release of Mod!
Major Fixes/Updates: None, First release of Mod!

The Mod is a single .dll and is in the attachments at the bottom of this post. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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Nice mod :3
Some stuff that wasn't clear in the video:
what's wobbliness?
can you move the GUI?


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Thanks For the comment :D. The 'wobbliness' is the stability of the gyro. The higher, the more, unaccurate the gyro will be when trying to correct the rotation. Now for the GUI gas been really mean to me as it won't let me move it around even though it's in a window :(. If you think you can help with that would be awesome.


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Well, if you implement the Better Mod GUI mod, then it's already implemented :3
Not sure how to do it otherwise


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Just the main-block becomes a gyro but anything connected to it will be affected by the reaction force of the main-block. so in short, all the reaction torque comes from the main block.