Grave Digger (monster truck)

There are a lot of Besiege monster trucks knocking around, but I've been disappointed by how innacurate they are to the real thing - both in terms of aesthetics and mechanisms.

This is a replica of the famous Grave Digger monster truck - as accurate as I can make it in Besiege at the moment.

  • Already mapped for ACM mod (gamepad support - highly reccomended)
  • Long travel 4-link suspension (like the real thing)
  • Anti-roll mechanism (like the real thing)
  • 4 wheel drive (like the real thing)
  • 4 wheel steering (like the real thing) - complete with 3 steering modes if you have the ACM mod: 2 wheel steering, 4 wheel steering, and crab steering (like the real thing) - hold the shoulder buttons of your controller while steering to get the 4-wheel modes
  • Forwards torque bias (like the real thing) - front wheels rotate slightly faster = more stability during forwards driving.
  • Custom 66" x 43" (like the real thing) wheel skin
  • Custom 4-way exhaust (like the real thing) skin
  • Skull & Crossbones flag (like the real thing)
  • Inclined Kingpin steering geometry (don't think the real thing has this - this is more of a way of coping with Beisege's stock wheel colliders not having too much offset...but it's the kind of thing I would expect to see appearing in real monster trucks as technology improves)
This uses:
  • CCCanyon's Black Paint Skin Pack - available from Steam Workshop
  • CCCanyon's Red Paint Skin Pack - available from Steam Workshop
  • My two custom Grave Digger Skin Packs (both are required - they have opposing left/right geometry [Besiege doesn't like negative scaling]) - available from Steam Workshop
  • Does not *require* any mods, but ACM is highly advised in order to control it well. You can use keyboard as normal, but you'll have to be gentle with the controls.

It is not as robust as I would like - sometimes the ball links of the suspension system detach (there is no way of strengthening this) - if you want to drive it hard, turn God mode on.
It *should* fit in the bounding box, but doesn't for some reason (think this is probably a bug in Besiege or EasyScale)

Steam Workshop links: - The machine - Skin Pack 1 - Skin Pack 2

Please comment and let me know what you think :)