Grabber bug?

If you place rocket on the grabber and then detonate it, grabber will not recognize that there is nothing to grab and will not switch to detached state. Is this intended behavior?


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it will also fly to the center of the default camera after two second.
which should be addressed quickly as it was proven to be very dangerous to aircraft
I'm facing the same issue.
My machine has grabbers with bombs, launched by rockets.
When the bomb explodes, the grabber flames up (???) and hangs for several seconds:
Than they fly back to the launch point (still flaming!) and destroy the launchpad.
But when will it be (update)?
I asked this because I especially want to translate the game to my native language.
Especially I'm worried about the look of the translation (will it be a text file of something other?) because I'm not very good at coding.:(
I did some tests, and I think I may know what's going on. It seems that the grabber is grabbing a phantom block (possibly spawned by the exploding firework/bomb?) and then following said block to the COM (which it goes to for some reason). But as to the coding reasons why this happens or what causes this, I have no idea.