Gosper Cannon Mk1

So, after seeing FrizB's Monorail Mission post, I got jealous. xD

I decided to make My own monorail using pinned steering hinges to make a tunnel for a slippery object, which would be commected the the vehicle on the outside of the tunnel.
Instead, by accident I, I created a gigh-velocity flaming ball cannon, which is very effective and has many possible uses, from veriable firing velocity to auto-firing.
So I'm proud to present: The Gosper gun MkI! (The Mk1 meaning that there'll be much more from where this came from)

It works by accelerating flaming balls using steam cannons outside pointing inside the tube at a 45 degree angle, giving the flaming balls more push for every "ring" of steam cannons.

The model I've created has a 5-round magazine and fast velocity, and those 2 factors can be easily extended on the design.
Controls: simple. press y to activate firing mechanism. Press it again to shut them off (this is required when reloading for maximum firepower) and press 1 to put in the next fireball, then fire again.
Repeat with reload keys 1,2,3,4 in the correct order.

Time for pics!



Gosper MkI.bsg

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I posted The MkII version, but the forum has bugged again.

Here it is, with more ammo, longer barrel, faster firing power, and a few fixes with the mechanism. This one only has atuo-fire and shoots all of its bullets in one go.
Controls (follow them in order): C to heat water cannons, Y to activate steam propulsion, V to start firing.

Gosper Mk2.bsg


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