Good helicopter rotor designs?

As the title suggests, I am trying to work on a good, easy to control assault helicopter(Not a multicopter or quadrocopter) that packs a lot of a punch along with fitting into the bounding box, but I need a very good and powerful, stable rotor design for that.
I have tried tuuvas' rotor design which is very good, but the problem is to provide enough lift for my helicopter I need aerodynamic props, and when I do that, since spinning blocks are automatic, which means the heli will lift off and I would have to reduce lift right when I start tpit, which can be annoying or lead to unbalance.
So here is what I need for a good rotor design for me helicopter:
-Fits in the bounding box
-Must not be any taller than 4 blocks
-Must be very balanced
-Should not break apart easily; Must be rigid
-Should not be automatic, that's usually annoying.

Thanks for helping, and please provide multiple pics of you rotor design and explanation!
Well, first don't use spinning blocks alone. Put it on a wheel. (Or use two wheels.) Balance the spinning block's speed so you have exactly enough lift to hover, then climb by spinning it faster with the wheel.
Hitting up spins the wheel, makes the spinning block go faster, increasing lift. Hitting down slows the block, decreasing lift.
You can also use large wheels instead of spinning blocks.

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